Widows return

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything. Truth is, the boys have been busy building their pizza empire and back at Widow HQ we have been riding on their hot roquito pepper coat tails trying to keep up. We continue to feel sorry for ourselves as the pizzas literally unfold before us, dressed with an array of sexy toppings that we cannot compete with. 

We soldier on. 

Things to report…

We’re pleased with the new merch. Widows got treated to a tshirt and sweater shirt. #silverlining

We are making a Widow music video. (It will be average, like our lives, as we fade in to the background our voices and presence must find other avenues to be heard.)

Mikee now has a family of pizza peels on the truck. Mikee loves a peel. (It’s ok Gwen he loves you too…)

Until next time.

Date night at the pork valet

Sat on the sofa this eve Gav turns to me with a smirk and says: “want to do something fun with me tonight?” (Scroll down for video of said fun).

Unsure about leaving the sofa, but intrigued, I agree to tag along for an 8.30pm pizza truck trip to the car wash. Yes! The car wash. 

my date
date location – the ‘pork’ valet

The only condition was that I got to drink my Peroni whilst in the passenger seat. #cheapdate

pizza widow on a date

As far as mid week dates go, it was pretty wet and wild. I even discovered a new use for the blue roll.

blue roll bottle holder


Here are the video highlights…

Superheroes & pizza in Penge 

A teenage mutant ninja turtle beamed from ear to ear as he walked out of the kids party with his pizza and parents. 

Pop Up Pizza’s first kids party seemed to go down a storm with kids and parents alike. Post bouncy castle, a game of limbo and what can only be described as a toilet paper shredding frenzie (and that was just the adults!) the 30 kids tucked into margheritas and ham pizza. American Psycho and Fun Guy pizzas were brought out for parents. 
In helping the party organiser to clear up at the end, I tried to get one if the little girls to help me. Asking her “how about we see how many pieces of napkin you can pick up. Can you get 10?” I said in my most motivating, teacher-like voice. Silence. Then, “No” she said, looking at me suspiciously…or was it with mild distain? Hard to tell. 

I left with a slightly damaged ego and perforated ear drum. 

We pizza widows solider on. 

On the plus side, there was a little girl there dressed as Iron Man (rock on) and another as a My Little Pony – rainbow leotard, white leggings and rainbow ribbon main. Superb inspiration for my 2016 summer festival costumes. 

Pug on a plug

Pizza widow takes it easy with the pug on a plug. 
Tonight, I popped into The Crown pub after rehearsal at about 9.30pm to see the truck’s first trading night and they were going great guns! Busy pub, happy pizza eating customers. Bravo boys! 

I couldn’t do me pizza runner duties tonight (bad widow) so ventured home about 10.30 and took a late night bath with a plastic pug and some aromatic salts. 

It’s life on the edge here I tell ya! 



It is my absolute pleasure to announce today that I am stepping up and into some big shoes.  I’m walking out onto the main stage, as it were, and I might be so bold as to say that my role as a Pizza Widow has never been more crucial.

Today the pizzaiolo himself has asked me to…BRACE YOURSELF

Keep an eye on his balls.

Yes ladies and gents…his precious, beautiful dough balls.  I am to keep a close eye and check his balls every couple of hours.  All day.  Without fail.

It’s a very delicate procedure and too much time in room temperature could mean serious over swelling!! Offfft.  My role also includes taking pictures and sending them on to Mike precisely on time.  It’s actually quite nerve-wracking.  What you might not understand is that these lovely little balls are… well…his babies, his pride and joy.

Now…If I’m completely honest with you this level of responsibility fills me with fear…

Ohhh hark at me!! There’s no time for self pity! I’m playing a pivotal role today in the pizza making process…tea making and back office business can do one!! I’m reaching new heights! This is it…will I be a ball maker…or A BALL BREAKER!!????

I guess the proof of the pizza is in the eating!!! Wish me luck.

It must be love

It’s beautiful man! 

We’ve known for some time that Gav and Mike’s new pizza partnership was a match made in heaven. The pizza widows have come to terms with the late night pillow pizza talk, the early morning emails (Mike sent one to Gav at 2.37am on Valentine’s Day), the twosome research dates to Borough Market, Mike showing Gav how to make the dough (think Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore and the potting wheel in Ghost).

As this love affair blossoms the pizza widows quietly fold pizza boxes in the background. Sigh.

[but we still get to taste everything every week so we aren’t complaining!] 

Room with a filthy view

I’ve been sat on the lazy boy all week, nursing a bad back and working from a more reclined (and I like to think refined…who am I kidding?!) position. 

My view from the Boy is our lounge window and lovely street. Or rather, now it’s the pizza truck, the black beast, the black beauty. 

I decided to take a photo of the view and in doing so realised it was all a bit hazy. No I hadn’t had too much Baileys on my Meusli, the windows were a trifle dirty. No, actually they were filthy. So at 8am this morning I took to the street in my dressing gown and slippers, and I cleaned my windows. (Obviously I have nothing else I’d rather be doing on a Saturday morning…!). FML.

Slippers are now soggy. FML.

I took a before and after cleaning shot.


I realise this is probably not the most riviting post you’ve read to date. Promise I’ll try harder next time.

Taxi for 1?